NTSA TIMS Registration Procedure

NTSA TIMS Registration Procedure

How to Subscribe to NTSA SMS

NTSA Kenya Ecitizen

What is NTSA TIMS?

TIMS is a free, seamless and convenient portal for members of the public to access NTSA services. National Transport ans safety authority requires when members are registering their individual accounts in TIMS provide (National Identification Number, KRA PIN Certificate Number and the Mobile Number)

Procedure of NTSA Kenya TIMS registration

  • Visit: www.ntsa.go.ke
  • Click the TIMS logo
    Subscribe to receive SMS
  • REGISTER an Account on TIMS
  • Enter your National identification Card (ID) serial number and other required information
  • You can register as an individual, Dealer, Agent, Financial institution or a company
  • Both Buyer and seller must have an account on TIMS
  • Log-in to access your profile

NOTE: You must subscribe to sms to receive notifications on passwords, security coded and other information involved in the process.

How to Subscribe to NTSA SMS

To subscribe for NTSA  SMS

  • Visit  sms portal: Subscribe SMS
  • Enter you phone number and subscribe
  • To confirm you have subscribed to NTSA 22847 Service:
  • Dial *100*5*4*1#  for safaricom prepaid
  • Dial *200*5*4*1# for safaricom postpay

How to Apply for NTSA  Smart Driving License

We had earlier provided a detailed and simple  procedure on how to apply for a smart driving license. The procedure is available in this page: How to Get NTSA Smart Driving License

NTSA Online Portal Services

Some of the Services offered at the NTSA Kenya website and its portals include;

  • Curriculum for Training Drivers guidelines
  • Booking for Vehicle Inspections in Kenya Guidelines
  • Getting Kenya Number Plates guides
  • Ntsa fines in Kenya
  • Motor vehicle inspection booking
  • Kenya Driving book
  • Model town board driving test
  • Vehicle Saccos in Kenya pdf downloads
  • PSV Inspection in Likoni Road
  • Portal to Check for Vehicle Registration In Kenya
  • Motor vehicle inspection portal in Kenya
  • NTSA log book transfer
  • NTSA inspection checklist
  • Kenya Motorcycle riding hours inNairobi
  • PSV application online in Kenya
  • 2017 Yearly road accidents in Kenya
  • Motor vehicle inspection in Kenya first aid box
  • NTSA Logbook transfer charges
  • Driving test guide for Kenya pdf downloads
  • NTSA Online payment portal
  • NTSA speeding in Kenya
  • Booking PSV inspection in Kenya
  • Subscribing to NTSA SMS
  • NTSA PSV license renewal
  • Checking of car number plate owners in Kenya

Official NTSA Contacts

Mobile Phone Number: 0709 932 500 (safaricom), 020 6632 500 (Telkom)

NTSA  TIMS official website: www.tims.ntsa.go.ke

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