KRA One Time Password (OTP) Verification of Email Addresses

KRA One Time Password (OTP) Verification of Email Addresses

KRA OTP Verification at

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KRA OTP is browser sensitive

Please be informed that the KRA One Time Password (OTP) solution seeks to validate and update taxpayers’ email details as part of the ongoing data cleaning initiatives by Kenya Revenue Authority.

Just log into your iTax account, click on send verification code prompt after confirming the email address. Use Chrome/Mozilla browser to request for KRA OTP code. Please note that the OTP code sent to the email is only valid for 15 minutes after which it expires. In case it does you are required to send the verification code again and a new code will be sent to your email.

The KRA OTP verification code will be sent to the email address that you provided within 5 minutes. Enter the four digit code and verify the email address to complete the verification process of your email address on the KRA iTax Portal.

When you login to the iTax account for the first time right now, you will see a pop up dialog screen requiring you as a taxpayer with an iTax account to verify your email address so that you can continue to access iTax functionalities.

After verifying your email address via KRA OTP verification code, you will be able to access the full functionalities of your iTax account with ease.


When accessing  your account via KRA iTax Portal, we recommend using Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode (private mode) by clicking: Control + Shift + N (Ctrl+Shift+N) on your keyboard. By using Google Chrome, the the process of requesting for KRA OTP Verification via email address becomes much easier.

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