How to file your individual tax returns in 2020

How to file your individual tax returns in 2020
How to File Income Tax Return (Using Excel)
How to file your KRA tax returns on iTax
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With less than two weeks before the closure of the period for filing returns for the year 2018, it is important to note that the penalty for late submission of an income tax return for an individual is Ksh20,000 as stipulated in the Tax Procedures Act 2015

On March 2014, Kenya Revenue Authority shifted from issuing receipts of manual returns and advanced to Payment Gateway where all Domestic Tax Payments were to be made.

This made it possible for a taxpayer or agent to access KRA online portal and file tax returns at the comfort of their house or office as long as they have all the credentials.

Such a penalty can be avoided by filling returns in time and here is the way to go as you look forward to beating the deadline.

Guide on how to fill individual tax returns

  • Open your browser and log in to Krai tax portal
  • Once in use your KRA pin itax password to log in.
  • Upon logging click the return menu click the last item ITR for Employment Income Only.
  • Fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk in Section A.
  • Under the tax computation in Section T two items are necessary if your employer has correctly submitted their tax returns. Define all pension contribution and fill all the actual amount contributed by the employee. Fill annual personal relief up to a maximum of sh13,944.
  • At section F where there are details of employment income, scroll to the bottom to confirm the detail of gross pay as per the p9 form. This can be modified if the employer submitted less than 12 returns for the year is filled.
  • At Section M, confirm the taxable salary, tax payable and tax deducted, tally with the information on the p9 form and modify if necessary.
  • At section Q fill in the details of any taxes paid prior to filling the current returns. If not applicable, leave blanks and click the submit button.

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