When you forget your password take it easy now that we have you covered through this guide that will see your problem sorted.

<p>This is the simplest way you can recover your lost itax password</p><p>The guide provides a series of steps that will lead one to acquiring new password</p>

Guide to reset your password

• Open your browser and log in to KRA itax portal: itax.kra.go.ke.

• Proceed downward and click where it is written: “forgot password/unlock account.”

• Proceed to answer the security question and then click submit.

• A password will be sent to your email, therefore, open another tab and proceed to log in to your email.

• Enter your PIN and the password sent to your email and press login.

• Once in the website fill in the places with a red asterisk. The old password remains the one sent to your email and proceed to set your new password. Chose the security question and set the answer.

• Agree to KRA website policy and disclaimer by clicking the small box and click submit. Your password is set.