How To Create An eCitizen Account Online In Kenya

How To Create An eCitizen Account Online In Kenya

How To Create An eCitizen Account In Kenya

Create An eCitizen Account Online In Kenya

This is a step by step guide on how to create an eCitizen account in Kenya. This is an online portal that serves as a gateway to all government services. It enables Kenyan citizens, residents and visitors to access and pay for government services online.

It is important to have an eCitizen account as it enables you to access all government services at the comfort of your home and therefore saves time that would have otherwise been used to visit government offices.

The eCitizen portal enables Kenyans to access various government services that include;

  • Civil registration services
  • KRA
  • Immigration
  • NTSA services such as drivers licenses, vehicle inspection …etc
  • Certificate of good conduct application
  • Lands
  • Business name registration and search
  • Marriage

Requirements For Creating An eCitizen Account

  • You must be 18 years and above, with a National ID.
  • Be a Kenyan Citizen or a foreign resident residing in Kenya. Foreigners should have a foreigner certificate.

How To Create An eCitizen Account

1. Open your browser and key in to access the portal.

2. Click on ‘Create an account’.

3. Proceed to create an account as will be shown. There are several options to choose. This includes the options of creating an account as a Kenyan citizen, foreign resident, for business and eVisa. eVisa account is for nationals who require a visa to enter the Republic of Kenya.

4. For Kenyan citizens, you will need your National ID number and your first name to register. Foreigners will need a foreigner certificate and first name to register.

5. Fill in all the details required, that is your National ID number, first name, email and password. Confirm your password before proceeding.

6. Agree to the terms and conditions then click ‘Continue’.

7. A confirmation link will be sent to your respective email.

8. Proceed to log in to your email then click on the link sent to verify your email. Your email will be verified then be redirected to the eCitizen portal to finish the registration process.

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