How to apply for KRA pin

How to apply for KRA pin

KRA pin enables you to file returns and access government services. If you do not know how to register iTax PIN doesn’t worry the process is easy and takes a few minutes.

How to Register for Individual PIN

Here is a guide to KRA pin registration.

  • Go to KRA official website
  • Click on “Do you want pin”
  • These are some of the requirements of PIN registration. Fill in personal details including your name, ID number and other fields. Ensure you have all relevant information before filling in the empty fields
  • Fill in your basic information (Date of Birth, Name, ID number, valid email address, last name of father and mother, address,) if registering an individual.
  • Pick suitable tax obligation by checking the relevant boxes (whether you are employed or not, owning a business, student or personal etc.)
  • Choose a mode of registration form or online option. The upload option allows you to manually download the form fill it up and later on upload it.The online option allows you to fill the e-form.
  • In individual forms, you have to choose between the citizen or non-citizen option(each has a different tax regime)
  • Select Income Tax resident
  • Return back to basic details bar and fill in the information on the red ticked stars
  • Click next
  • Declare your source of income, self-employed, business, employed, rental etc.
  • Complete agent details to assist you in completing your tax returns
  • Complete the arithmetic operation and submit the results
  • Download the KRA pin certificate and print it

Non-individual PIN application

  • On iTax go to New Pin registration
  • Choose “Non-Individual” and “Online Form” as your mode of registration (if you are registering for a company).
  • Fill in details of company directors or partners in case of company owners in non –individual forms
  • If you have an agent fill in their details
  • Enter result of the arithmetic sum provided and submit.
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Download the KRA pin and CERTIFICATE.

And that is how to  apply for your KRA pin.

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