How do I get my KRA password if I have forgotten?

How do I get my KRA password if I have forgotten?

PIN Application: I have forgotten my password and i want to change it. How can i do that?

How to reset your iTax password online

The tax man would be on your case around June, well by then you should actually have filed your tax returns on the new iTax system. Considering that iTax is new, you probably just signed up and never thought of keeping the iTax password for future use.  These happens even to the very best of us, we have many passwords remembering the iTax password is the last thing on our mind. Well worry not, let’s try and figure out how to retrieve the iTax password in case you have forgotten it. In simple steps, here is how to use the “forgot password” button on the Kenya Revenue Authority iTax website.

What you  need

  • Your KRA pin number
  • Working email plan (this would be the email address used to sign up on iTax)
  • Answer to the security question set when signing up (You will find this details in the email address used for iTax) :-


  1. Go to the iTax portal page
  2. Go to “enter pin or user id” on the left upper part the page fill in your pin and click continue
  3. On the bottom left of the page click on the “Forgot Password or unlock account”

    KRA forgot password/unlock account

  4. A new window opens here pick your security question from the drop down menu
  5. Provide the answer to the security question and click submit
  6. A reset password will be sent to your email address
  7. Check your email address after sometime. Log in with the reset password
  8. It will prompt you to change the password to something you will remember

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