KRA Pin Number Download using ID Card

KRA Pin Number Download – Recovering your PIN number using your ID number

KRA Pin Number Download: After applying for your PIN on iTax you will need to download your pin so as to print it or save it. In Kenya KRA pin number is very important and there are things you cannot do without a pin number. Some of the things that you cannot carry out in Kenya without a pin include

  • file tax returns,
  • get some jobs,
  • open bank account
  • Register a business or company
  • Buy a vehicle
  • Get water and electricity connection
  • Buying Land and property requiring stamp duty
  • Getting business permits
  • Apply for government tenders etc

The reasons why you have your KRA pin number downloaded are many, so sure to get one. But what do you when you do not have a soft or a hard copy of your PIN? If you want to retrieve your pin the process is simple and it involves the following

KRA Pin Number Download

In most cases you can always retrieve your PIN copy from your email address but if you are not able to retrieve it you can always reprint it from iTax account. To download your pin follow the below outlined steps

To download you pin login to your iTax account

Once you login in on the menu bar click on registration and select Reprint PIN certificate.

Select the type of application whether tax agent or tax payer. If you are reprinting your own PIN then select tax payer

Then submit

After you submit the PIN will be sent to your email address where you login and download it. Ensure you do not delete the email as you can always access it anytime you need it.

If you are have forgot your PIN number you can get it again by using your ID number

Recovering your PIN number using your ID number

To recover your Pin you will need to remember the email address you used to register your itax account. Using that same email send an original scanned copy of your ID requesting for the KRA team to help you recover your PIN number.

However if you cannot remember the email address you used to register your account the you will need to create a new email address and visit the nearest iTax help center around you or any Huduma center. You will request to have your iTax email address change after they assist you recover your pin number using your ID.

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