KRA Pin Application Requirements 2019

KRA pin application requirements 2019

How to apply for a KRA PIN on iTax 

The Kenya Revenue Authority PIN is known to be a necessary identification number for every adult in Kenya that allows you to file tax returns. When you are eligible for paying taxes in Kenya, you have to apply for a KRA PIN. So what does KRA PIN application process entail?

What are the requirements for getting your PIN? Read on for a detailed explanation of how to apply for your KRA PIN. 

The KRA PIN comes in handy in other situations where you having it is a requirement. Such a situation may be: when students are applying for the Higher Education Loans Board Loans, when a company needs to open a bank account and make transactions through it, when a potential employer requires you to have the KRA PIN before employing you, just to mention a few. The list is quite long. This just goes to show the great importance the KRA PIN bears.

KRA PIN application for students:

When it comes to students wishing to undertake KRA new PIN application, there are a number of things that he or she needs to have before beginning the actual process.

These are:

  • His or her national ID card details.
  • His or her parents’ details.
  • His or her physical and postal addresses.
  • His or her email account.

Note that these are not the only fields in the KRA PIN application form. However, these are the mandatory fields and this information must be input in order to make your application for KRA PIN successful. Moreover, if the student wishes to complete his or her application process online at home, then he or she needs to have a stable internet connection. On the other hand, other students opt for going to the cyber and having the cyber attendants complete their application for KRA pin at a reasonable fee.

When it comes to KRA PIN application for new taxpayer, the requirements are the same as those for KRA pin application for students. 

KRA pin application for a limited company

All registered companies in Kenya need to have a KRA pin for day to day business activities. A KRA pin for a company enables them qualify for various transactions such as: purchase of land and property, apply for lucrative government tenders, in order to open a bank account and use the bank account for the purposes of making business transactions, filing and making payment for KRA monthly return, and in the application for a Tax Compliance Certificate(TCC). It is safe to say that a company without a KRA pin would be limited as to the number of transactions or the number of activities it could take part in.

When it comes to KRA Kenya pin application for a company, the following information is required: Itax KRA pin for one of the company’s directors Basic company details and director details such as physical address, company email address, and the company’s phone numbers, commencement date, and business type.

KRA pin application can be done online, so all you need is the above and a stable internet connection to complete your KRA company pin application.

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