I know you must be wondering what is passport tracking all about, there are several ways in which you can track your passport after applying for it. Tracking your passport enables you to get notified when your passport is ready. There are several ways to check if your passport is ready in Kenya, many people find it difficult to track their passport if its ready or not or even if its additional information is needed. This article will put you through on Kenyan Immigration Passport Tracking, and how to go about this.



The enabling of e-services in Kenyan has been helpful to all Kenyans and this has been able to help them track their passport at the comfort of their home. Before now, citizens have been complaining about tracking their passport, they move to the immigration offices almost every week to check if their passport is ready, most times passport takes up to 8 weeks before it is ready, so many citizens find it hard to go from their houses daily to the immigration offices. With the services been enabled, Kenyan citizens have been very happy about the recent development in their country, so many complaints have been made about this passport tracking and which has made the government find possible solutions that will help make things easier and better. To integrate the services of passport tracking, the Kenyan Immigration service has made provisions for new types of passports which contains chips. This chip contains all your details which include biometrics and every other detail about you. These passports which are being done has ungraded security features which prevent information skimming, these passports come with a radio wire installed in the chips which are used in tracking them, I know you might be wondering how do they go about all this and why is it done this way, well read below.

You should know that even with the recent development of the e-services in Kenya, the application technique for the registration of passport online remains unchanged, every individual will go through the same process and then pay the charges through Mpesa online in advance. The process which individuals go through in registering is not that tedious, you can visit the immigration office for more information if you need to know how this works. Application for your passport online requires you to fill in your form and then make the payment, you should also note that you are required to print out some of the documents after registration for clarification purposes.

Checking your passport online is now very easy in Kenya to see if it is ready, it just takes you only ten days to get your passport ready, as opposed to the 21 days period. Citizens have actually been made very happy, as this new innovation has brought out so many advancements in their country, as the stress of waiting is now over. With just a simple click, the immigration officers can now see your request online and allow you to check when your passport is ready so you can pick it up. One of the most benefitting advancement is the use of SMS which is sent directly to your mobile phone to see the status of your application if it is ready for pick up or not, this process has also been installed in the process of passport renewal and this has been a really big help to citizens of the country. The use of the SMS service costs Ksh 5 bob and this will save you the stress and even the cost of visiting the immigration office weekly or even daily, this service has been designed to help save time, cost, energy and end unnecessary complaints to the immigration offices. If you are among those set of individuals that go to the immigration office to check for your passport, then I suggest that you read this article carefully as it will help you in tracking your Kenya passport.


Using the SMS method is now a big help to all citizens with just Ksh 5 bob citizens can know the exact date of when to pick their passport and even know how the process is going. The passport tracking services use the shortcode 2032 and this has made it possible by their telecommunication providers and also the government. Check out the process below

  • Start a New message on your Phone
  • You are required to type the Kenyan passport number you were given after the submission of your application
  • You are to send the text message to the code 2032 i.e The passport number you are given you are to send it as a text message to the number above.
  • You are to receive a text message in a few minutes, the text message goes this way passport ready for pick up or passport still in the process

Apart from using this process in checking your passport online, there are other processes in which you can use to check your passport online, read below. Once you are through with your application, you will be informed on when to pick up your passport, this system works through online checking of the passport. You will have to login into their website, you will have to go to immigration services and click get service now, you can see the passport application, this application will be under the recent tab status it will either show you if the passport is ready for collection, accepted or even rejected. Things have been made easy in Kenyan by the government there, making sure you can track your passport is a good thing as it will enable you to save cost and other expenses. One of the reasons people find it hard to register in the immigration office is because of this and we believe it has been done thoroughly by the government. We believe getting a passport in Kenya is now an easy job for you to handle, as picking up the laptop is no longer a big issue again.

That’s all on Kenyan immigration passport tracking.

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