When filling returns on the iTax platform requires someone to have KRA Pin and iTax password.But some times you may forget or misplace the Pin which you can easily retrieve through several ways.

Its Obvious human beings we ain’t perfect therefore you may forget or misplace your KRA Pin. Then you  maybe in a  situation whereby you really need your KRA PIN Number but don’t remember or have forgotten it.

Not all of us can memorize KRA PIN Numbers leave alone have a decent document filing system where all your documents including KRA PIN Certificate can be easily found.

In this article am going to share very simple KRA Pin Retrieval steps that you need to follow incase you require to Retrieve your lost or forgotten KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate. If you have forgotten and need to Retrieve your KRA PIN Certificate quickly and easily, then this article will be of great benefit to the KRA PIN Retrieval request that you want done.

KRA PIN Retrieval is a process whereby a taxpayer who has forgotten his or her KRA PIN Number or KRA PIN Certificate takes so as to Retrieve the lost or forgotten KRA PIN or KRA PIN Certificate. Take note that KRA PIN Retrieval involves the retrieving of the taxpayers KRA PIN Certificate which contains his or her Personal Identification Number (KRA PIN) from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Does KRA pin retrieval have any importance ?
The answer to this question is yes ;there exist two importance of KRA Pin Retrieval process.They include;

1.Retrieving the KRA PIN Number

Incase you don’t know or have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, then with KRA PIN Retrieval, you will be able to Retrieve KRA PIN Number that you might have forgotten. The process of KRA PIN Retrieval enables you retrieve your 11 digit long KRA PIN Number quickly and easily.  So, if you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, the PIN Retrieval is the best option for you to get the forgotten KRA PIN Number quickly and easily.

2.Retrieving the KRA PIN Certificate

In a situation whereby you need a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate, then KRA PIN Retrieval will enable you Retrieve KRA PIN Certificate copy for printing and saving purposes.

Requirements Needed For KRA PIN Retrieva

For you to be able to retrieve your KRA pin number you will be required to provide ID number and Date of Birth which are displayed on the National ID.

ID Number

The ID Number is one of the requirements that you are going to need in this process. This Number is located at the top right hand side of your Identity Card.

Date of Birth
The other requirement that you need to have with you is the Date of Birth. Everyone knows his date of birth as this is clearly displayed on your National ID.

Once you have with you both the ID Number and Date of Birth, then we can officially begin to look at the steps that you need to take in order to Retrieve Lost or Forgotten KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate.

Method 1: Visit the closest KRA Office with your Original ID Card to request for your pin or email address

Method 2. Scan in colour (not black and white), both sides of your National ID and send it to KRA via KRA email address callcentre@kra.go.ke. Put the subject of your email as KRA pin. However this is slower compared to the use of their Facebook and Twitter social media handles.

Method 3: Send a direct message (DM) and a coloured copy of your National ID to any of the KRA social media handles Facebook or Twitter, requesting for your pin. The response here from KRA is faster than via email.

Method 4: Visit Huduma centers across the country with a copy of your original National ID Card.

Method 5: Call 0711099999, 020-3310900 and 020-281000, fax 341342