How to Reset Forgotten Kra Pin Password on iTax in Kenya

How to Reset Forgotten Kra Pin Password on iTax in Kenya

How to Reset Forgotten Kra Pin Password on iTax

Reset Forgotten Kra Pin Password on iTax

Forgotten KRA Pin password? Do not worry. This is a guide on how to reset your forgotten KRA pin password on the iTax portal.

Most often people forget their login passwords. They justify the forgetfulness by saying they have many things to keep in mind. Well, do not worry as most passwords are resettable.

One of the main reasons people forget their passwords is not logging in to that specific website often.

It is possible to reset your KRA pin password. Follow these simple steps on how to reset your KRA pin password. In case you have not updated your KRA pin to iTax, then you need to check this article on how to Update a Kra Pin to Itax.

iTax Portal Log in

What You Need in Order to Reset Forgotten Kra Pin Password

  1. The email you used when registering or creating the pin.
  2. Access to the said email.
  3. The KRA pin number.

You must be remembering the email you used when creating your pin, or simply the email registered to your KRA pin portal. If you have a printout of the certificate, it has the email that was used when registering.

You should be able to access your email since the reset credentials will be sent to that email. In case you do not have the email, continue reading as we have a solution for you.

Forgot Kra Pin Password Reset Option

Procedure for Resetting Your Kra Pin Password

1. Access the KRA pin portal.

2. Where it is written “Enter PIN/User ID” key in your KRA pin and click continue.

3. A box for entering your password appears. You will not use this since you do not have a password. Further down below the security stamp, locate the option “Forgot Password/Unlock Account” and click on it.

KRA Pin Password Reset

4. A new window appears with your pin and security stamp. Perform the simple math and enter the solution in the provided box.  If you want different math (captcha), you can refresh by clicking on the two provided arrows.

5. Click on submit and you will get a confirmation message that your reset credentials have been sent to your email. Click on the back button.

6. Open your email (you can add another tab) and check for an email from admin.itax2. It will have a message, “Your KRA Web Portal account password has been reset. Your login id and new password are:”

7. Go back to the iTax portal and enter your pin and the provided password which has to be typed as it is. Copy-paste is not allowed but for the tech-savvy, you can do a drag and drop.

8. A new window opens where you enter the old pin. This is the reset password mailed to you. Type it and enter a new password that you will be using. Type the new password twice.

Reset KRA Password

9. Choose a security question and provide your answer. You will not require it after this.

10. Accept the policy and policy guidelines and then click submit.

11. Your iTax portal opens automatically, and in case it takes you to the log in window, just log in with the password you have created.

Log into Your iTax Portal

What If I Can’t Access My Email?

There are instances where you cannot access your email. The first thing to do is to try and reset your email password.

a) Go to the email login screen on your device or PC and type in the name of the account you need to recover.

b) When it asks you to enter your password, instead hit the phrase “Forgot password?”.

Forgot Email Password Option

c) Follow the on-screen guides provided depending on the mail provider.

If you cannot reset your email password, don’t worry. It is time to create a new email. Then after that, you have two options;

A) Visit the nearest tax station or Huduma centre and request for iTax portal email change. Remember to carry your original ID. The assisting person will access your portal and change the existing email to the one you want.

Then a reset email will be sent to your working email or the email you will provide.

B) Send your original scanned ID to, requesting the change of email for your pin. This might take a day or two to complete.

Whichever method you opt for, your login credentials will be sent to your new email address. From there on you can reset your Kra Pin password.

What if I Don’t Know the Email Used?

It is quite easy to check the email you used to register on iTax. Follow these steps.

i) Access the iTax portal.

ii) Where it is written need assistance click on Report a Problem.

How to check the email used on iTax

iii) Enter your pin on the provided area and click on an empty area when done. The system will auto-populate the following information:

  • Your name or the company name
  • The email address
How to retrieve iTax email

Now you have the email that you used to register. Proceed and make sure you can access your email. In case no email is listed, it means you have not updated your pin in the iTax portal.

What If I Do Not Know My Pin Number?

Some applied their KRA pin and misplaced it. This is how you can retrieve your lost KRA PIN. Again this is a two-way option.

How to Retrieve KRA Pin Number With Only ID

A. Using eCitizen Option

This is a bit crazy method to use because you have to go via eCitizen account. We are going to assume we want to register a business. In the process, we will be able to access the KRA pin with our ID only.

1. Log into your eCitizen account and go to the Business Registration option.

2. Click on the Make Application option and proceed to click on the Business Registration option.

Check your Kra pin using the eCitizen option

3. Put any information you wish on the first three tabs. These are the proposed names, nature of business, and registered office address. This is because we do not care about this information.

4. The most important area is Ownership Information. Click on add proprietor and select designation as proprietor. Enter your ID number and your first name and click verify.

5. The magic happens as some of your data is auto-generated, among them your pin. Copy your pin and follow the above procedure of checking your iTax registered email.

Retrieve KRA Pin with ID Only
B. Visiting Huduma Center or iTax Center

With your original ID, visit the nearest tax station or any Huduma centre. Using your identification number, the assistant will be able to access your pin. You will be given the pin which you update on iTax if not updated.

While there, confirm the registered email is one you can access. If you do not have access to the email used, you should provide one that you can be able to access.

3. Scan and Email ID to

Another option is to scan a copy of your coloured National ID – both sides and send it via email to KRA email address with the subject KRA pin retrieval. Draft a short message informing them you are requesting your forgotten pin. You can also request a change of iTax email.

4. Use of Social Media

You can also make use of the KRA social media handles Facebook or Twitter. Send a scanned copy of your ID. You are more likely to receive a faster response than from email.

Whichever method you use, you will be able to retrieve your forgotten KRA pin password.

Worth Noting When Resetting Your Kra Pin Password

Before assuming that you can’t find your pin, you can try searching through your email(s). Use the provided email search bar to achieve this. Try using terms such as Kra Pin, Itax, Admin.Itax. Some apply and forget about it.

How to Reprint Your KRA Pin

It is possible to reprint your pin certificate after logging into your iTax portal. The pin certificate is required in many instances and hence the need to reprint.

  • Click on the registration tab.
  • Locate the “reprint pin” option and click on it.
  • Select the applicant type and click on the “Submit” button. Note that after selecting the applicant type, the Taxpayer PIN and the Taxpayer Name will be loaded.
  • In this last step, you will get a message that your PIN Certificate has been successfully generated. Click on the provided link to download it. 

File Your Returns

Once you get your pin and password, it is time to file your returns. It is mandatory for anyone with a pin to file returns. They are filed depending on the type of obligation assigned. Check on your printed KRA pin certificate for your obligation(s). These are some of the return types we have.

  1. Income Tax Individual
  2. Income Tax Company
  3. Turnover Tax
  4. PAYE Tax
  5. VAT Tax
  6. Monthly Rental Income

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