How to Open a TIMS Account Online in Kenya

How to Open a TIMS Account Online in Kenya

The Transport Integrated Management System like provides vehicle operators and road users with a list of necessary services.

To apply for these new driving licenses, you’ll need to register on NTSA’s Citizen self-service portal, TIMS. The online platform that allows anyone to access it at any time and location.

Requirements for TIMS registration

In order to register for a TIMS account, you will need the following;

  • An internet connection as well as computer or smartphone
  • Your original ID card
  • KRA pin
  • Phone and phone number
  • Please note that opening a TIMS account is free. If you choose to carry out this process in a cyber, pay only for the services but not for the account.

Steps to registering for a TIMS account

  1. Go to your phone or computer and visit
  2. You will land on the homepage of the NTSA/TIMS website.
  3. Next, select the type of account you want to register.
  4. If you want a personal account, choose ‘Individual’ and proceed.
  5. Choose the ‘citizen’ option and proceed.
  6. Now go to the ‘ID Serial’ box and carefully type in the serial number on the top left corner of your ID card. Please make sure to enter the serial number and not the ID number.
  7. Once you are sure you have keyed in the right digits, click ‘verify.’
  8. The next page will require you to fill in some personal details
  9. After filling all these, click on the ‘send authorization code’ button and wait for a text message to come to your phone.
  10. Enter the code as it appears on the message and verify.
  11. The last page will come with another form with different fields to fill including your county of residence and email address. Fill each one carefully to finally finish your registration. Press ‘Next.’
  12. TIMS will send you a password via text, which you can use to log in to your account.
  13. Go back to the homepage and choose the log-in option.
  14. Enter the password that TIMS sent previously and press ‘get code.’
  15. Enter this code in the provided box and click ‘sign in.’
  16. When your account successfully opens, go to the top right corner of the page to where your name appears and click on it.
  17. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose the ‘change password’ option.
  18. Put in a password you will remember and re-enter it for confirmation.
  19. Once you are successful, you can now operate and access all available TIMS services.

NTSA contacts

Hill Park Building; Upper Hill

Nairobi Kenya

P.O Box 3602 -00506, Nairobi

Contacts: 0709 932 000, 020 6632 000



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