How to Get Your KRA Pin Certificate in Kenya Today 2023

How to Get Your KRA Pin Certificate in Kenya Today 2023

How to Get Your KRA Pin Certificate in Kenya Online

How to Get Your KRA Pin Certificate

A KRA certificate is a tax compliance certificate that indicates that you are filing returns and paying taxes. You can download and print your KRA Pin certificate through the iTax portal.
The KRA pin certificate is a digital identity that allows you to access your tax information online and is issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The Pin certificate entails the taxpayer’s details such as the KRA PIN, registered address, tax obligation details, and taxpayer’s information. 

The KRA pin certificate comes handy in different circumstances, depending on why and who requires it. In Kenya, so long as you have attained the consenting age (18 years) by which you start transacting businesses with the government of Kenya, it is a must to have a Pin certificate.

The certificate is a hard proof that the person whose details appear on the certificate is registered by the Kenya Revenue Authority and has a KRA pin. You can use your KRA certificate to verify your identity online and access services provided by government organizations such as HELB loan applications, passport applications, registering for a business/company, purchasing and selling land, or transferring land ownership. 

Commercial banks require this pin certificate as a mandatory document to certify your tax compliance history when applying for business or personal loans. You can verify the identity of an individual or a company or provide the certificate as proof of residence for your business registration.

To generate your pin certificate, you can visit and log in to the KRA iTax portal using your KRA pin and account password. For first-time pin registration and application, KRA will automatically generate your pin certificate to your email address, where you can print it after completing the registration procedures. 

Requirements Needed to Get a Copy of the KRA Pin Certificate.

The process of getting a copy of your KRA pin certificate is made more accessible by iTax. You need to have with you the iTax log-in credentials:

  • KRA Pin

The KRA Pin is a unique personal number required to transact business with the Kenya Revenue Authority. Think of it as a code to unlock some of the government’s services that otherwise you may not access without a Pin. The KRA issues the Pin, and you can apply for it in the iTax portal, where after filing E-forms, you will get your Pin immediately. Residents and non-residents can apply for a KRA pin through the iTax portal.

  • KRA Password

The KRA password is a mandatory requirement for the successful log-in and download of your Pin certificate from the iTax portal. If you may have forgotten about your password, you can click on the forgot password / unlock account to regenerate a password via your email address. To do this, the email address you provided during registration must be working.

When you have these two requirements, you can now download your KRA Pin certificate in the iTax portal.

How to Download Your KRA Pin Certificate From Itax Portal

STEP 1: Go to KRA online portal, iTax.

STEP 2: Enter your KRA Pin. Click continue to enter your password and answer the security stamp question.

STEP 3: However, if perhaps you might have forgotten your password, you can create a new one by clicking on the forgot password/unlock account option.

STEP 4: After a successful log-in to iTax, the landing page will display different Menu options. Click on Registration.

STEP 5: Click on Reprint Pin certificate. 

STEP 6: Select the person who is requesting the certificate. In this case, since it’s an individual, select Taxpayer.

STEP 7: Confirm the data, then submit. KRA will prompt you on how to download the certificate. Click on the link, and that’s it.

Once you have walked through the seven steps above, you can confidently download and print your KRA Pin certificate. You just have to make sure you have your log-in details: your KRA pin and KRA password to log in to iTax. If it occurs that you may have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on forgot password/ unlock account option available on the landing page of the iTax website.

Once completed, you are ready to file taxes and apply for your tax clearance certificate. So there is no reason to hold back from finishing your filing now.

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