How to change your KRA registered email Online

How to change your KRA registered email Online

How to Change your Registered email on iTax

How to Change email Linked to iTax
There are instances where a Kenyan tax payer has no access to the email address they used to register their KRA PIN and would like to change it. Many a times we have heard of people losing their email address password, or worse have their PIN linked to a cyber café email address because that is where they got help when registering for their KRA PIN.

Ordinarily, these scenarios will force you to endure long queues at the iTax help centre or huduma centre if you don’t know the online alternative. You may not have the time, you could be out of the country, you could be on leave and enjoying a your rest time.

Lets look at how you can change your preferred email on iTax.

What you Need 

  • Scanned Copy of original national ID both sides
  • Your preferred email
  • Your KRA PIN

The Procedure of changing your registered email on iTax

To change your registered email on iTax , send a coloured scanned copy of your original ID, your KRA PIN and a valid email address to

How to Change KRA Registered email for a Company

For a company email address amendment, share the following documents: Certificate of Incorporation scan, your original national ID scan, Directors’ PINs and the valid email address to be registered on iTax.

Alternatively you can also send the documents through Facebook @KRAcare

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