How to apply/Renew for Police Clearance (good conduct) certificate online

How to Apply/Renew for Police Clearance (good conduct) certificate online

How to apply/Renew for Police Clearance (good conduct) certificate online through eCitizen

Sample Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya and how to apply online through eCitizen portal for Kenyans and Foreigners/Photo

For many employers these days, A good conduct certificate is becoming a prerequisite requirement before even considering an application.

What is a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya?

A certificate of Good Conduct is a legal document issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DIC). They are also known as police clearance certificates. Police Clearance Certificates are issued either bearing information that an individual does not have any criminal record OR in the event that a criminal record has been traced, such certificate shall bear all the offenses with which such person was charged with including the results of such case(s).

What the Certificate of Good Conduct Does…

A good conduct certificate assures a potential employer that you do not have any criminal record at hand. Moreover, if your company is making applications for tenders, you will also be required to submit a good conduct certificate for your directors. Therefore, we are going to look at how to apply for a good conduct certificate online. We will go into details of the requirements you need to meet as well as the total cost.

Good conduct certificate requirements

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen above 18 years of age. If below 18 years, they should use their parent’s eCitizen account to apply.
  • Be a holder of a Kenya ID card and its copy – soon to be replaced by Huduma number
  • Need to have Ksh.1050 in Mpesa/cash to make payment
  • Require to have an eCitizen account

The first three requirements are quite simple and understandable. However, we will first have to discuss how to create an eCitizen account for those who don’t know how to go about doing it.

eCitizen good conduct download

Once you have an eCitizen account, the process of getting a good conduct certificate online is pretty simple. Here is how to go about getting one:

  • Log in to your eCitizen account, one we created above
  • Go to the Director of Criminal investigation tab and click on ‘Get service now.’
  • A new display tab will be displayed
  • Click on the make application button on the far right corner of the screen
  • Select the application you want to make: Whether it is for a child/adult
  • Read and understand all the instructions as displayed on the page
  • After reading and following the instructions, click on the left bottom part with the apply now button
  • Fill in the details requested, Area you are, where specifically in Nairobi you will get your fingerprints taken and the specific date, click continue
  • The next screen will display your details as you have input in step 8, then click submit
  • However, if you need to make any amendments, click on back to make the changes first
  • After submitting, the payment mode tab will be displayed.
  • Select the most appropriate mode, for most people its Mpesa
  • On clicking the Mpesa mode, the tab will display a pay bill number to use
  • Upon receiving a confirmation message from Mpesa, click on complete
  • Once eCitizen confirms your payment, you will be able to download the C24 form(fingerprint form) and Receipt indicating Paid.

Note: The C24 form has to be printed on both sides of an A4 paper.

Requirements during submission for good conduct certificate

  • The applicant in person
  • Two copies of the paid receipt (Ksh.1050)
  • a Copy of C24 printed on both sides of A4 paper
  • Original ID and Photocopy
  • The applicant must be willing and able to present his palm prints and fingerprints to be printed on form C24
In case your Police Clearance is expired, please apply for renewal the same way or at Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Good conduct certificate Conclusion

However, we must be clear. The good conduct certificate we will be talking about today is not the one that gets after clearing high school. You remember those days as students/Pupil and started thinking of behaving well in class 8 or form 4 because you were worried about what it would say? Well for this particular certificate of clearance, it is provided by the Police. Or most well put the Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI).

Most of the time, this certificate is majorly used to determine one’s character before joining a college, new employment, the navy or even getting Visa. Most importantly to note is that this certificate is valid for only one year. After the expiration of its validity, one is required to make a reapplication. The good news is, even this, can also be done online.

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