How to Apply For Good Conduct Certificate Online Today

How to Apply For Good Conduct Certificate Online Today

Police Clearance Certificate in Kenya Today

How to Apply For Good Conduct Certificate Online- Police Clearance Certificate Application Process

Do you want to know how to apply for a good conduct certificate online in Kenya? Today we have good news for you. It is possible and easy to apply online for a Police clearance certificate in the comfort of your house. The digital revolution has advanced rapidly in Kenya because any Kenyan citizen can access government services without going to a physical office. 

This article will guide you straightforwardly on the way to applying for the good conduct certificate online in Kenya. It is good to know that a certificate of good conduct has a period of validity of one year and is also called Police Clearance Certificate. It is given out by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). 

In different instances, you will require this document, especially when applying for the Public Service Car badge or vying for any government post. The Kenya police clearance certificate is evidence that an individual is morally abiding by the laws of a state. 

Without wasting time let’s dive in immediately!

Good Conduct Certificate – How to Apply for Police Clearance in Kenya

A big number of employers ask their employees or workers to provide a document of the Kenya police clearance certificate. Directors of companies are supposed to submit the certificate as a pre-qualification. The following is a class of people eligible for the certificate of good conduct application. They include the following:

-Citizens of Kenya with the nation or abroad


-Refugees and aliens in Kenya

Good Conduct Certificate Kenya

The main aim of the Kenya police clearance certificate is to validate a person that he or she has no criminal record. Only persons above eighteen years can apply for the certificate. The citizens below this age can get the police clearance if they have an original document of birth certificate and can apply via the guardian’s or parent’s e-citizen account. 

The applicants should produce a national identification card with a clear document of the same. In addition, you must have an e-Citizen account, which is created via a site. 

Apply Online for Good Conduct (Police Clearance) Certificate

  • Sign in to the e-Citizen account and log in by using the username that is your email address and password provided in the e-Citizen dashboard. 
  • Pres, ‘’Get Service Now,’’ which is in the category of ‘’Directorate of Criminal Investigations.’’ Follow carefully the guidelines of the application. 
  • Select the payment mode to pay Ksh. 1,050 through M-Pesa for the Kenya police clearance certificate to be processed. 
  • Download the document of the good conduct and print out two copies after the payment of the invoice. A document of the C24 on both sides should be printed out also. 
  • You should proceed to present the certificate to the CID offices once you finish the online application. You should carry the invoice, C24 document, and an original identification doc or original birth certificate in case of a person who is below 18 years. The CID personnel in charge will guide you through the fingerprint processing at the CID offices or at Huduma Centre near you. 

Good Conduct Certificate For Foreigners in Kenya – Application Procedure

If you are a foreigner, we advise you to apply Kenya police clearance certificate if you have stayed in Kenya for more than 6 months. You will need to produce a copy from your previous employer or learning institution and an approved work permit. The students must have passed with relevant testimonials showcasing the completion of the course with other legit relevant documents. 

The non-citizens should provide a document stipulating the objective for the certificate and the original documents of identification. They pay Kshs. 1,000 for this service. 

In case a refugee applying for a Kenya police clearance certificate he or she must have a copy and an original UNHCR valid letter of mandate. The movement of the pass from refugee camps is a must requirement. The recommendations from other NGOs or governments are not accepted in this case. The refugees pay Kshs. 1,000. 

Kenya Police Clearance Certificate Validity

The good conduct certificate in Kenya is valid for one year from the date of issue. This means that it should be renewed annually. The fundamental aim of this is to control the Huduma Centre certificate of good conduct with clean records entered in the police books within the given period. It is possible to renew the document via the e-Citizen account. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Does it take long for the certificate of good conduct to be processed?

After you are through with the good conduct process of application, there is one month or two weeks of waiting. You can check your certificate at the nearest Huduma Center.

How can I detect that a Kenya police clearance certificate is authentic?

Forgery and fraud cases are increasing every day, and it is crucial to check whether your certificate is legit. Below are some guidelines to check if your document is genuine or not:

-Forward the word ’’DCI’’ to 21546 to subscribe to the service.
-Press *512# on your mobile phone.
-Follow the verification process guidelines given on the mobile phone. 
Once you are through with the process, you will get a message notifying you whether the certificate is legit or not. 

Is it possible to complete the clearance by the use of an e-citizen good conduct download?

eCitizen helps in the facilitation of the application process halfway, including printing or filling the C24 form. You should visit the nearest Huduma Center, Kenya Embassy, or any DCI office in Kenya if you are abroad for the finger prints to be processed

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