In order to own a vehicle in Kenya, you must have a TIMS account. TIMS stands for Transport Integrated Management System, and it offers various essential services to drivers of vehicles and other road users.

In order to access it, you’ll need to register on NTSA’s citizen self-service portal.

TIMS registration requirements

You will require the following in order to sign up for a TIMS account:

  • A computer or smartphone with an internet connection
  • KRA pin
  • your original ID card
  • Phone number and phone
  • Please be aware that TIMS account registration is free if you decide to complete this step at a cyber cafe. Pay solely for the services, not the account.

How to create a TIMS account: the steps

  • Visit on your phone or PC.
  • You will arrive at the NTSA/TIMS website’s home page.
  • Choose the kind of account you wish to register for.
  • To create a personal account, select “Individual” and continue.
  • Select the “citizen” option, then continue.
  • Next, carefully type the serial number located in the top left corner of your ID card into the ‘ID Serial’ box. Do not input the ID number; rather, enter the serial number.
  • Click “verify” once you are certain that you have entered the correct digits.
  • On the following page, you must enter some personal information.
  • Click the “send authorization code” option when finished and wait for a text message to arrive on your phone.
  • To verify, enter the code exactly as it appears on the message.
  • The last page will contain a second form with various fields to complete, including your email address and county of residence. To finally complete your registration, carefully fill out each field. Click “Next.”
  • You will receive a password from TIMS through text that you can use to access your account.
  • Return to the homepage and select the sign-in link.
  • Press “get code” after entering the password that TIMS previously sent.
  • In the space provided, type this code, and then click “sign in.”
  • Once your account has successfully opened, locate and click on your name in the top right corner of the page.
  • There will be a drop-down menu. Select “Change Password” from the menu.
  • Enter a password that you can remember, then type it in again to be sure.
  • If you are successful, you can now use and access every TIMS service that is offered.