Forgot your KRA pin Number ?

Forgot your KRA pin? Here is how to check your KRA PIN

Have you lost your PIN certificate and cannot remember your KRA PIN? We understand that your KRA pin is one of the essential numbers you have and that’s why we have come up with a guide how you can retrieve your KRA pin using ID number and other different methods.

You cannot file your returns online if you cannot remember your KRA pin since it is required before logging in to your account. Below is a step to step guide on how to retrieve KRA PIN online.

KRA pin checker

“I forgot my KRA pin, what should I do?” and “What is my KRA PIN?” are some common questions most of the people who have forgotten their pin no. ask. Here we will show you how you can retrieve it without going back to the house or office to check your KRA document.

Shall we get started?

KRA pin no. retrieval procedure

There are different methods you can use to retrieve your KRA pin. Below is a list of all the alternatives you can use. All you need is an active internet connection, a mobile phone, desktop or a laptop, and your original ID number.

  1. Social Media

If you need to retrieve your PIN number faster, take advantage of Social Media. You can scan or take a picture of your original ID and send it to their official Facebook page. KRA social media team will reply to your queries and solve the issue. You can also tweet the picture or the scanned copy of your ID and mention them in the tweet.

  1. Email

Sending an email with a picture of your national ID attached to it is another way you can retrieve your KRA pin no. online. Send your query emails to the following official email address

  1. Visiting KRA offices

If all the above methods are fruitless, then you can visit KRA offices to have your pin no. retrieved. Remember to carry your ID to prove you are the real owner of the lost KRA pin no. Make use of Huduma Center services available countrywide if you are not in Nairobi city.

KRA pin checker online

If you have a KRA PIN that you are not sure if it’s genuine, you can confirm it by using the KRA online pin checker resource available to everyone. Click on this link and follow prompts for confirmation.

Retrieving your KRA pin is simple and fast since it does not involve lots of processes. Using the above methods on how to check your KRA PIN guarantees you success.

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