Five Benefits of KRA’s New iTax System

Five Benefits of KRA’s New iTax System

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To make sure taxpayers know what the iTax system is all about, KRA held a session yesterday to inform and answer questions about the system.

Below are some of the benefits of using the iTax System that I picked up from the training session KRA held yesterday at the Nailab..

No Paperwork

Filling your tax returns online means that no paperwork is involved during the process, Who wants all the paperwork anyway? As we embrace new technology and move from a paper based economy, the iTax system makes everything easier for you. All you have to do is download the tax returns form (in Excel or ODS form) by logging to your account through KRA’s website here .

No Need to Go To Tax Support Centers

With the new iTax system, there is no need of going to tax support centers to file your returns. This can easily be done by uploading the filled file return form that you had downloaded from your iTax account. This means you do not have to waste your valuable time. For those who do not have their PINs, you can also apply for one directly from the iTax portal.

No Brokers

We all know that brokers can make our lives very difficult. They can complicate a very simple process which might end up costing us our valuable time or even money. The iTax system eliminates all this by allowing you to do all your KRA related transactions by yourself. This eliminates the need to hire a broker to do the work for you.

Complete Control

With the new iTax system, you have complete control of all your KRA account. As the representatives from KRA noted yesterday, having complete control of your account starts by having the account linked to your email address. Previously, people who used middle men including Cybercafes were tricked into using one email address provided by the guys at the Cyber. This meant that if you wanted to do any change, you needed to go back to the same Cyber as they are the only ones who can access that email.

Right now KRA has changed a few things regarding the use of email addresses and one account can only be used by one email address.

Record Keeping

If you are an employee, you can use the iTax portal to see how much your employer submits to KRA every month. You can then compare with how much is deducted from your salary and see if they match. This means that you will know if your employer is short changing you.

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