Register (timsvirl NTSA) online Today in Kenya

TIMS NTSA Login & Register (timsvirl NTSA)

Register (timsvirl NTSA) in Kenya Today

Register (timsvirl NTSA) online Today in Kenya

TIMS NTSA Login, NTSA tims account registration, are you looking for the NTSA Citizen self-service portal then you are at the right place. as we know recently the The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) migrated to the new to the New TIMS Portal. (, so many people would like wo know how they can easily sign in, login or register an account at the new portal.

This service will reduce congestions in offices as well as to provide the services to a larger number.  The portal is accessible from both a mobile device (smart phone) and a computer. The New NTSA TIMS Portal was created to manage the various services offered by NTSA in Kenya.


To sign in or login to the TIMS NTSA portal you need a device connected to the internet as said earlier before so you can follow this steps to login.

  • on your web browser go to the address bar and type or
  • sign in using your registered details including ID / Username and password

click here to login/sign in to TIMSVIRL NTSA

TIMS NTSA Login portal

Alternative method to sign in to TIMS NTSA

You can also try the alternative method to login to the old tims ntsa you just need to choose the login method which includes.

  • ID number
  • Alien ID number
  • Diplomatic ID number
  • Username
  • Certificate of incorporation

If you have forgotten your password for the TIMS NTSA Login, timsvirl NTSA just click forgot password and then Make sure you are subscribed to sms to receive your password. follow all the steps to retrieve your password.

NTSA TIMS Account registration (TIMS NTSA register)

The access to the portal is free to all registered users. This implies that registration to the TIMS Portal is free. However, the services offered on the portal are payable. The following are the categories of users who can register on TIMS:  

  • Individual  
  • Dealer  
  • Financial Institution  
  • Company  
  • Driving School

if your not registered on the Timsvirl NTSA Then click Register account then choose registration type and proceed with other instructions as directed on the website portal

timsvirl not working?

if you face any challenge while using the new Timsvirl NTSA portal don’t worry, do you know that majority of the users face this problem since many people are using these services so calm down and you can try to refresh your browser or visit the website during mid night when there is low traffic. if you encounter invalid credentials while trying to login, request for a code and create a NEW password.

Contac NTSA (NTSA Help Desk)

Incase you have faced any challenge while registering or login/ sign in to the timsvirl NTSA then you can contact support using the details provided in this article which includes call 0709 932 300 (Safaricom), 020 6632 300 (Telkom) or E-mail:  

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