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NTSA Motor Vehicle Search & Logbook Car Search in Kenya

NTSA Motor Vehicle Search & Logbook Car Search‎ in Kenya Logbook Car Search‎ in Kenya NTSA Vehicle Search Kenya – Vehicle Ownership Car Logbook Search Have you heard of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)? Do you know it is mandate in Kenya? It brings together under the same roof the roles of motor […]

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NTSA TIMS Registration procedure Online Today

NTSA TIMS Registration procedure: NTSA Kenya Ecitizen, Sacco Portal, PSV, Inspection National Transport and safety authority (NTSA) TIMS Registration procedure.The portal can be used for license renewal, Sacco registration, permit renewals, vehicle inspections, provisional driving license (pdl) application e.t.c. What is NTSA TIMS? TIMS is a free, seamless and convenient portal for members of the […]

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