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Change of a Business Name in Kenya 

Change of a Business Name in Kenya Contents 1Procedure 1.1Apply In-Person 1.2Apply Online 2Required Documents 3Office Locations & Contacts 4Eligibility 5Fees 6Validity 7Documents to Use 8Sample Documents 9Processing Time 10Related Videos 11Instructions 12Required Information 13Need for the Document 14Information which might help 15Other uses of the Document/Certificate 16External Links 17Others Procedure[edit] Apply In-Person[edit] Visit the […]

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Steps to Link your Business to the E-Citizen Portal?

Has your Business Been Linked to the E-Citizen Portal?   In 2016, the Companies Registry set up a digital Business Registration Service (BRS), which is hosted on the E-citizen portal.  Since the BRS system has gone live, all company incorporations have been done online and a company is automatically linked to the E-citizen portal when […]

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