How to apply NTSA new driving licence Online in Kenya

How to apply NTSA new driving license Online in Kenya

Apply NTSA new driving licence in Kenya

NTSA new driving licence Online in Kenya Today

NTSA new driving licence : How to apply [Complete guide]

This is a complete NTSA new driving licence guide.

It’s for you if you have been wondering how to change old driving license to new.

You will also find the NTSA smart driving licence application steps towards the end.

Let’s get started.

How is the NTSA new driving licence different from the current driving license?

Simply put, the NTSA new driving licence is a smart card (also called an E-License) meaning it’s computerized (it’s embedded with a microprocessor chip).

As a result, it holds all your essential biometric information including your blood group, fingerprints, and more.

Above all, it’s programmed with a point scoring system and you’re deducted some points every time you are involved in a traffic misdemeanor.

This should concern serial traffic offenders as your license is withdrawn and your driving license number permanently blacklisted according to the new NTSA rules.

A number of African nations have already issued the eDLs including Morocco so Kenya is just implementing what is quickly becoming an international trend.

The technology is expected to promote safe driving habits and bring down the cost of insuring motor vehicles.

In terms of looks, NTSA new driving licence resembles your National ID and is easier to carry than the older generation booklet driving licenses.

Plus, of course, it’s more resilient and won’t be defaced as easily as the old ones.

How is the NTSA new driving licence managed?

The NTSA has established a central database where driver’s behaviour is profiled and points penalty enforced once caught with an offence during NTSA crackdown, accidents, or during regular inspections.

The entire system is controlled and secured by NTSA ICT officials in collaboration with other government agencies.

When was the new licence card introduced in Kenya?

The NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) announced the introduction of the new driving licence in April 2018.

They have since been issuing the smart driving license to Kenyans via the TIMS portal.

New driving license Kenya deadline

NTSA has set July 1, 2020 as the deadline to apply for and get the new Digital Driving License in Kenya.

How much does the new driving licence cost?

The NTSA new driving licence smart card costs kshs.3050 and has to be renewed after every 3 years.

How long does it take to get a driving license in Kenya (Digital Driving License in Kenya)?

I will soon you teach you how to apply for digital driving license in Kenya               but before then, it’s good to know that it doesn’t take that long.

In fact, it takes just 5 days counting from the date you make the payment.

Of course, we are Kenyans and we suffer from what I like to call ‘Last Minute Syndrome’ and NTSA sometimes faces massive backlogs leading to delays in the issuance.

But overall, you can begin visiting the NTSA driving licence checker after 5 days to confirm if your licence is ready.


How to get a new driving licence in Kenya

Here now is how to get smart driving license in Kenya:

Stage 1: Create an NTSA account (TIMS)

You need a TIMS account to apply.

But what is TIMS?

TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System) is nothing else but an online portal run by NTSA to help private citizens, as well as organizations access, various NTSA services including driving license applications conveniently.

TIMS account requirements

Before proceeding with the steps to open the TIMS account, get the following information/documents:

  • ID Serial No (not your ID Number). Please get and use your old IDs serial number if you have replaced your ID recently.
  • National identification card number.
  • KRA PIN Number (check your KRA pin certificate)
  • The maiden name of your mother.

Done? Very good. Here now is the procedure.

How to create an NTSA account (TIMS)

The steps are quite straightforward with the right information.

Do this:

  1. Go to the TIMS link here (click).
  2. Once there, navigate to the right hand side and click register.

You are directed to the registration page.

Note that companies, SACCOs, banks, and other parties register via this page also.

You are none of these so click on the individuals tab.

  1. Type your IDs serial no. and click verify.
  2. Next, you’re asked to type your KRA Pin. Type it correctly.
  3. Now you’re requested for your mothers’ maiden name.
  4. You’re not yet done and now you’re asked for your Occupation and Mobile Phone Number. Be sure to give the number accurately as it will be used by NTSA to verify your details.
  5. To progress, Request for a verification code. This you do by clicking the send verification code button right next to your phone number. A prompt comes to your phone asking you to subscribe to NTSA. Accept to subscribe.
  6. This verification number arrives shortly to your phone. Type it in the area provided on the screen. You will be informed that you have successfully verified your profile.
  7. Congratulations! You are now registered on the TIMS portal.
  8. Next, type your current active Email Address on the area Email field displayed on the screen. Again click the button next there to ask for a verification code (remember to verify). This step is made optional and you’re free skip it.
  9. Move ahead now and enter the rest of the information. This is Sub-County, Physical Address, etc and click Next (make sure that the information entered is correct).

Stage 2: Login and apply for the NTSA new driving license

You are now asked to login (using the password NTSA sends to your phone number).

IMPORTANT: For your own security, Please change the password sent to the phone soonest possible.

To log in, click Sign In (check up there- in the right hand of the screen) or go back to the home screen and click Log In on the right hand side.

The details required are as follows:

  1. Login method: Select ID no.
  2. ID no: Type your ID number.
  3. Password: Type the one sent to the phone.
  4. Type Security code: Click Get code. And check your phone for the code then type it.
  5. Click Sign In.

NTSA smart driving licence application:

  1. Click the Driving License option on the menu (up there) then select Apply for smart DL.
  2. Edit the driving license classes and other information if necessary and click next.
  3. You now be asked to pay Kshs. 3050 via NTSA paybill/airtel money/pesalink/Equitycash then book an appointment (with the NTSA).
  4. Once you visit the NTSA offices, you will be asked to validate your passport photo while your fingerprints will be captured.
  5. That’s all. You will wait for 5 days if there’s no backlog.

NTSA offices Kenya

In case the TIMS system rejects your details during the NTSA new driving licence, it’s advisable to visit NTSA offices or Huduma center (NTSA desk).

NTSA offices exist in the following towns:


National Transport & Safety Authority, Hill Park Building (Upper Hill)

NTSA Thika:

Thika House building, Nkuruma street

NTSA Nyeri:

Regional Commissioners complex(PCs office) Nyeri, block C,3rd floor,Opp. Nyeri Law Courts.

NTSA Meru:

Angaine Plaza, second floor

NTSA Embu:

Mugo House, Grnd Floor

NTSA Nakuru:

Motor Vehicle Inspection(MVI)  Centre, Nakuru-Ravine Rd. near Nakuru Show Ground junction

NTSA Eldoret:

Motor Vehicle Inspection(MVI) Centre, Police Line Road

NTSA Kericho:

Kericho’d County Commissioners compound (NTSA MVI Centre)

NTSA Kakamega:

Posta, KRA offices

NTSA Kisii:

Umoja Plaza, KRA Building

NTSA Kisumu:

Swan Centre, 1st floor

NTSA Machakos:

Machakos inspection center(MVI),people’s park road.

NTSA  Voi:

Porters House, KRA-Offices 1st Floor

NTSA Mombasa:

IMAARA Building, First Floor, Dedan-Kimathi Avenue opp. Pandya Memorial Hospital

NTSA Garissa:

KRA Offices, 1st Floor

NTSA contacts

Help Desk: 0709 932 300/020 6632 300

Ecitizen: 0709 932 300/020 6632 300 (eCitizen driving license desk)

Office Lines: 0709 932 000/020 6632 000

E-mail: /

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